Film in Georgia

“Film in Georgia” is a newly launched film industry incentive program offering a 20% cash rebate on qualified expenses incurred in Georgia. The program aims to support the development of Georgia’s film industry.

An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia as a destination the program’s “Cultural Test.”

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25 % cash rebate
25 % cash rebate


We strive to make the most accurate and flexible budget upon client’s needs.


We offer casting services for film and commercial work. Through team of expertise casting managers, we are committed to finding the best talent for each project within clearly outlined goals and budget constraints.

Location Scouting

We firmly believe that Georgia has a huge potential to be used as a diverse location for shooting. We have mix of wild nature, seaside European styled cities, modern architecture as well as old soviet buildings which carry atmosphere of its own. Besides, Georgia has some spectacular yet untapped territories that await to be discovered. Our team of Location managers can provide best options for different projects in accordance to the needs and vision of director as well as creative team. On top of this, if we need to get a certain location for shooting we see no barriers in obtaining permission, will it be paid or non-paid, governmental or commercial location, if we find the right options to be shoot, we have ambition to negotiate best deals to serve project goals.

Crew Recruitment
Transport & Accommodation Management
Arts & Props
SFX & Stunts
Catering Set

Equipment Rental

We have our own production equipment which we use for rental. Besides, following the link below, you will get access to the full catalogue of film and TV production equipment found in Georgia. This will help you understand local capabilities of film production market and plan extra tech. delivery if needed.